Monday, February 16, 2009

SEO and Title Tag Length Importance

SEO & Title Tag Length

Title tag is very important from Seo point of view. Major search engines like google etc pay a lot weight to Title tag more than Meta tags. It is your Title tag which defines your web pages that which web page is about that information. So it will be wise to put your main or primary keywords or key phrases in title tag. This tag is also serves as your business card heading in search engines. To understand what am I trying to say, look at below given snapshot:

Yeap, that’s it. So by looking at this we come to know about following point that should be kept in mind while adding keyword rich title tags to your web pages in order to rank high in search engines for that specific keyword or key phrase. This is the length of Title Tag.

According to W3C, the length of title tag should be less than 65 characters or in simple words not more than 6 or 7 words including spaces and special characters. Yeah, yeah I know you must be getting angry at me that first I realized you guys about the importance and proper use of title tag and know I am forbidding you to not use your keywords more than 6 or 7 words. Actually there is a fine logical reason behind this theory. That is many search engines like Google, yahoo and Msn they don’t display the whole title tag if its very length. This means if you have optimized your web pages with lengthy title tags then you visitors may not be able to see it completely and when they won’t able to see it fully they won’t understand it that what this page is all about.

To conclude, optimize your title tags by adding not more than 6 to 7 words for achieving your SEO purposes successfully.

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